Seafood Risotto with Truffle

Ingredients : (Serves 4)

350g   Rice – Carnaroli type

1   Clove of garlic

8   Baby calamari  tubes, washed

12 Prawn tails

20g White onions

100g Butter

50g Fresh parmesan cheese

2   Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

30g Prawn  bisque

1  Litre Fish stock

Method : In a saucepan (20 cm X 20 cm), brown off 20g of butter with the onions and garlic for about 2 minutes. Add the rice and warm up for about 1 minute, gradually adding the fish stock. In a different saucepan, brown off the calamari and the bisque.  Then add to the rice .

After approx. 8 minutes, add the sautéed prawn and continue the cooking for a further 7 minutes, constantly adding the fish stock.  When cooking is complete, switch off the flame, add the remaining butter and parmesan and serve. To finish add shaved truffle.