Basic Truffle Cream Sauce

A basic truffled cream sauce can be used in a pasta, over a steak or even over a slice of grilled fish.

This basic recipe can be adapted, although take care not to add ingredients that may overpower the truffle aroma.

The sauce should take no more than a few minutes, so prepare your dish in advance and set aside. Save some of the truffle for slicing over the dish.

Ingredients :

  20g fresh Truffle or more if you feeling generous.

  250 ml cream.

  A shalot or a small red onion.

  1 tblsp butter.

  Salt and pepper to taste.

  a little grated parmesan 

Method :

Lightly saute the finely chopped shallot/onion in the butter. Add your cream and heat. Allow to reduce and thicken slightly, add a little grated parmesan then shave or microplane your truffle into the sauce. Warm briefly then spoon over your pre-prepared dish. 

Shave xtra truffle slices for visual appeal and maximum aroma at the table.