Joint Venture Truffle Partnerships

Over the last 12 years Volker acquired a vast knowledge and experience of world truffle cultivation. When wild truffles were recently found in South Africa for the first time on the chalk downs of the Southern Cape, it assured our scientists that truffles can be cultivated here,  Volker had already set out and assembled a team of experts to launch commercial truffle cultivation in Southern Africa on a large scale.  

The Woodford team of mycologists, agriculturists, horticulturists and scientists are in a position to apply the technology to establish Joint Venture truffle orchards, and will support in all aspects of setting up and assisting the grower in managing the orchard and finaly moving the product to market.  If you have land and are interested in cultivating Black Perigord Truffles, send us your GPS co-ordinates and we will ascertain if your site has enough 'Cold Units'. Once your orchard is setup, our specialists will visit your orchard to monitor the progress of the saplings and the truffle mycorrhiza. 

Woodford Truffles SA (Pty) Limited, offers participation in the form of a Joint Venture Partnership, where-in the Landowner is the grower, and the Woodford Team supply the Truffle "inoculated" trees, and monitor the mycorrhizal progress on the tree roots.   Woodford Truffles SA have an established distribution network for the sale of the Truffle harvests on the local and international markets.

Woodford's Partnership Programme includes a regular visit to the partner's farm from our team. Italian Professor Alessandra Zambonelli visits regularly to advise and confer with the team. We supply the technology, the trees, the know how and product distribution, the farmer supplies the land and infrastructure to create the orchard and runs it down the line with continuous technical input by Woodford.

If you are considering truffle production as one of your farming enterprises, speak to the Truffle tree producers that have succeeded in producing comercial quantities of truffle, give us a call or e-mail us on to find out more about the setup.  Send us your proposed orchard's GPS coordinates (or Google position) so we can establish whether your area can sustain truffle production.